Bishop of Bristol asks if Government is rethinking minimum unit pricing for alcohol

Bristol160226 cOn 6th December 2016, Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe asked the Government, “in the light of the findings of the review by Public Health England on the consequences of alcohol abuse, whether they will implement minimum unit pricing of alcohol.” The Bishop of Bristol, the Rt Revd Mike Hill, asked a follow up question.

The Lord Bishop of Bristol My Lords, my understanding was that the Government’s view not long ago was that they had a problem with minimum unit pricing on the basis that it would unfairly impact moderate drinking. From what the noble Baroness said this afternoon, do I detect that the Government have changed their mind and that they are seriously looking at minimum unit pricing?

 Baroness Williams of Trafford I hope that I outlined clearly that there has not been a change of mind. There was a pause rather than a retraction in the Government’s thinking back in 2013, given the case of the Scotch Whisky Association and the Scottish Government. We will keep the issue under review and review the policy in the light of that case.



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