Bishop of Southwark on Middle East Peace and Role of Churches in Delivering Aid


On Thursday 28th May the Bishop of Southwark, Rt Rev Christopher Chessun, spoke during the debate on the Queen’s Speech. He focused on the Middle East, the importance of a two-state solution for Israel/Palestine and the partnership role between churches and Government in delivering overseas aid. The full text of his speech is below and a video can be viewed here.

Bp Southwark May 2015The Lord Bishop of Southwark: My Lords, it was encouraging to hear the commitment of Her Majesty’s Government in the gracious Speech to various foreign policy objectives in the Middle East. The chaos in the Middle East is all too familiar and arises not from isolated pockets of trouble but from multiple interconnected challenges. Syria’s misery shows no sign of ending; Libya appears torn in half; ISIS continues to make gains in Iraq; and Yemen appears to be sliding into a humanitarian crisis. We are confronted by a Middle East that is coming apart at the seams. These are problems that will not just evaporate. They need careful attention and strategic patience, and I encourage Her Majesty’s Government to remain vigilant to broader aims throughout the region, as well as giving appropriate attention to the constituent parts. Continue reading

Bishop of Coventry speaks on religious freedom and conflict resolution during Queen’s Speech debate


On Thursday 28th May during the debate on the Queen’s Speech, the Bishop of Coventry, Rt Rev Christopher Cocksworth, spoke about our moral debt to other nations, conflict resolution and freedom of religion and belief worldwide. The text of his speech is below and can also be watched online here.

Bp Coventry May 2015The Lord Bishop of Coventry: My Lords, indebtedness is debilitating, and living beyond our means is irresponsible. We know that our Government have committed themselves afresh to a long-term strategic economic plan to deal with that on a financial level, but another sort of indebtedness is liberating and is fundamental to our proceedings today. It is a recognition of our moral debt to others and the fulfilment of our responsibilities to serve the common good, not only of our one nation but of the one world. Continue reading