Divisions: Energy Bill

On 26th April 2016 a vote took place on an amendment to the Government’s Energy Bill, proposed as an alternative to that agreed by the House of Commons. The Bishop of Leeds, Rt Revd Nick Baines, took part:

Lord Grantchester moved, as an amendment to Motion A, at end insert “, and do propose Amendment 7TD in lieu: Line 179, at end insert “, or (e) evidence that: (i) an application for 1990 Act permission or 1997 Act permission was made on or before 18 June 2015 for the station or for additional capacity, (ii) a grant of planning permission was resolved by the relevant planning authority on or before 18 June 2015, (iii) planning permission was granted no later than three months after 18 June 2015, and (iv) any conditions as to the time period within which the development to which the permission relates must be begun have not been breached.””

The House divided:

Contents: 270 | Not Contents: 220 | Result: Government Defeat

The Bishop of Leeds voted Content.

(via Parliament.uk)