Bishop of Chelmsford calls for strengthening of religious education to combat hatred and xenophobia

Chelmsford 251115On 30th June 2016  Lord Taverne asked Her Majesty’s Government “in what way the guidance produced by Dr Satvinder Juss on the implications of the High Court’s ruling in R (Fox) v Secretary of State for Education is “inaccurate” as they have stated.” The Bishop of Chelmsford, Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, asked a follow up question.

The Lord Bishop of Chelmsford: My Lords, I address the House at this point in my capacity as a lapsed atheist. I make it clear that I welcome the place of non-religious world views in religious education; they are very important. However, will the Minister further agree that one of the best ways in which people can counter the race hatred, xenophobia and misunderstandings that we see in our society at the moment is by strengthening religious education in schools?

Lord Nash: I agree entirely with the right reverend Prelate. The Church has a good record of creating much inclusion in its schools. We have a considerably increased intake for the more academic, rigorous GCSE that we introduced.