Week in Westminster, 18th-22nd September 2017

The House of Commons and the House of Lords are both currently in recess, but this week written answers were published to questions to Government from bishops on Burma, Sudan, gambling and debt relief. Parliament will return on 9th October.

The Bishop of Coventry received answers to four questions on Burma – on human rights violations, UK humanitarian aid and sanctions against the Burmese military.

The Bishop of St Albans received written answers to two questions about the regulation of online gambling and to two further written questions on credit card debt and the need for a statutory ‘breathing space’ scheme. The Bishop was also a signatory to a letter to The Times about affordable rural housing.

The Bishop of Leeds received written answers to five questions about Sudan, on the humanitarian impact of sanctions, the demolition of churches and the human rights situation.

The Archbishop of Canterbury took part in a radio phone-in on LBC, a video of which can be seen here.


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