God is Faithful

Contemplation in the shadow of a carpark

Since my appointment was announced back in December I have felt slightly like the pushmi-pullyu from Dr Doolittle; Facing the Diocese of Exeter as I prepare to leave well and toward the Diocese of London as I take opportunities to meet with people across London. Whilst my confirmation of election means I will formally, legally become Bishop of London, I still have duties to carry out in Devon over the coming weeks until my installation at St Pauls’ Cathedral in May.

I have been very grateful for people’s prayers and good wishes over the last few months and one constant theme from those who have been in contact with me is that ‘God is Faithful’

On the inside of my episcopal ring is engraved Isaiah 43: 1-3   They are the verses which appear around the William Pye font at Salisbury Cathedral where I was Canon Treasurer

But now thus says the

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