Vote: Immigration and Nationality (Fees) Regulations 2018

On 12th June 2018 the House of Lords considered the  Immigration and Nationality (Fees) Regulations 2018. A vote was taken on a regret motion from Baroness Lister of Burtersett:

House of Lords Division Lobby

“that this House regrets that the Immigration and Nationality (Fees) Regulations 2018 include a £39 increase in the fee for registering children entitled to British citizenship, given that only £372 of the proposed £1,012 fee is attributable to administrative costs; and calls on Her Majesty’s Government to withdraw the fee increase until they have (1) published a children’s best interests impact assessment of the fee level, and (2) established an independent review of fees for registering children as British citizens, in the light of the report of the Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement (HL Paper 118) (SI 2018/330).”

The House divided:

Contents: 102 | Not Contents: 130 | Result: Government Win

The Bishop of Derby voted Content.

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