Week in Westminster 25th February – 1st March 2019

This week in the House of Lords bishops spoke on Brexit, new draft proposals for relationships education, and on an amendment about marriage to a Private Member’s Bill. Bishops also asked questions about online safety, and childcare costs.

The Bishop of Oxford was on duty throughout the week and read prayers at the start of each sitting day.

Monday 25th February

The Bishop of Durham received a written answer to a question about Universal Credit, the two-child limit and the cost of childcare.

The Bishop of Oxford responded to a  statement on Government proposals for draft regulations and guidance for relationships education, relationships and sex education, and health education.

Tuesday 26th February

The Bishop of Chelmsford asked a question about regulating social media platforms.

Wednesday 27th February

The Bishop of Oxford spoke in a debate on Brexit.

Thursday 28th February

No contributions were made

Friday 1st March

The Bishop of Oxford spoke during debate on an amendment about same-sex marriage and the Church of England and Church in Wales, to a Private Member’s Bill on Marriage Registration and Civil Partnerships.

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