Votes: Trade Bill

On 13th March 2019 the House of Lords considered amendments to the Trade Bill. Three Bishops voted on an amendment moved by Lord Hain, and one moved by Lord Fox: 

Lords voting Lobby
House of Lords Division Lobby

Lord Hain moved amendment 22, after clause 5 insert the new clause:

“An international trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the
European Union may not be ratified under sections 20 to 25 of the
Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010 unless the agreement—

(a) is compatible with the terms of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, and
(b) does not—

(i) negatively affect any form of North-South trade in goods or
services or the operation of the relevant North-South
implementation bodies, or
(ii) create or facilitate customs arrangements between Northern
Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after exit day which
(a) physical infrastructure related to customs checks,
(b) a requirement for customs or regulatory compliance
(c) random checks on goods vehicles, or
(d) any other checks and controls related to trade, that did
not exist before exit day and which are not subject to an
agreement between Her Majesty’s Government and the
Government of Ireland.”

The House divided:

Contents: 285 | Not Contents: 184 | Result: Government Defeat

The Bishops of Durham and Bristol voted Content. 


Lord Fox moved amendment 24. Insert the following new clause:

“Trade agreement with the EU: mobility framework

It shall be the objective of the Secretary of State to take all necessary steps to secure an international trade agreement with the European Union which includes a mobility framework that enables all UK and EU citizens to exercise the same reciprocal rights to work, live and study for the purpose of the provision of trade in goods or services.”

The House divided:

Contents: 254 | Not Contents: 187 | Result: Government defeat

The Bishop of  Durham voted Content. The Bishop of  Chester voted Not Content.



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