Week in Westminster, 1st-5th April 2019

This week in the House of Lords bishops spoke on the 70th anniversary of NATO, charities and anti-corruption measures,  and voted on procedure for the European Union (Withdrawal) (Number 5) Bill.  They asked questions about rough sleepers,  religious freedom in China, street preachers, religious literacy in asylum applications, immigration detention, the benefit cap, Rwanda and Uganda, hare coursing. In the House of Commons the Second Church Estates Commissioner answered questions from MPs on mining companies and dam safety, and forestry holdings.

The Bishop of Peterborough was on duty throughout the week and read prayers at the start of each sitting day.


Monday 1st April

The Bishop of Peterborough asked a question about help for rough sleepers.

The Second Church Estates Commissioner, Dame Caroline Spelman MP, answered written questions from MPs about forestry investments, and dam safety.

Tuesday 2nd April

The Bishop of Portsmouth spoke in a debate on the 70th anniversary of NATO.

The Bishop of Peterborough spoke in a debate on anti-corruption measures and development aid charities.

Wednesday 3rd April

The Bishop of Peterborough asked Government about religious literacy in determining asylum applications.

The Bishop of Durham asked Government about the timescale for the review of immigration detention.

He also received answers to three written questions on the benefit cap policy, and another written question on tensions between Rwanda and Uganda.

The Bishop of St Albans received written answers to three questions on prosecutions for hare coursing, and to two questions on street preachers.

Thursday 4th April

The Bishop of St Albans asked a question he had tabled on religious freedom in China.

Three bishops took part in votes on procedure on the European Union (Withdrawal) (Number 5) Bill.

Friday 5th April

Parliament was not sitting.

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