Bishop of Coventry asks Government for its definition of persecuted groups

180416 CoventryOn 3rd July 2019 Baroness Williams of Trafford answered a written question from the Bishop of Coventry, Rt Revd Christopher Cocksworth, on their definition of persecuted groups:

The Lord Bishop of Coventry: HL16494 To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of what constitutes persecution of groups of people.

Baroness Williams of Trafford: The Government defines persecution as an act that is sufficient serious in nature and repetition as to constitute a severe violation of basic human rights. Such acts could be perpetrated against individuals or groups of people.

The definition is contained in the Refugee or Person in Need of International Protection (Qualification) Regulations 2006, which reflect the Refugee Convention and EU law.

We support those who have suffered persecution by providing a place of safety for refugees through our resettlement schemes and the in-country asylum process.

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