Bishop of Leeds asks Government about progress in Israel-Palestine conflict resolution

18.12.05 Leeds Brexit deal debateOn 8th July 2019 the Bishop of Leeds, Rt Revd Nick Baines, received written answers from the Government in reply to three questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

The Lord Bishop of Leeds: (i) HL16758 To ask Her Majesty’s Government what is their assessment of the Peace to Prosperity workshop convened by the United States in Bahrain.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: The UK was represented at the Peace to Prosperity workshop by the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury. We welcome US efforts to support the development of the Palestinian economy. It is important that economic discussions complement a political process, which is ultimately required to unlock lasting and sustainable economic growth for Palestinians and overdue peace in the region. A peace deal and the lifting of access and movement restrictions would generate the ultimate economic dividend not only for the Occupied Palestinian Territories but also for Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the wider region. The UK’s longstanding position on the Middle East Peace Process remains that we support a negotiated settlement leading to a two-state solution based on 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as the shared capital of both states.

(ii) HL16759 To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the continued viability of the two state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: ​The two-state solution is the only viable long-term solution. It is the only way to permanently end the Arab-Israeli conflict, preserve Israel’s Jewish and democratic identity and realise Palestinian national aspirations. The UK is strongly committed to a two-state solution and we continue to encourage direct negotiations towards a secure Israel standing alongside a sovereign Palestinian state.

(iii) HL16760 To ask Her Majesty’s Government what discussions they have had with the United States administration about contributing to the Peace to Prosperity Fund proposed by the United States.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: ​The United States is yet to formally request contributions to its Peace to Prosperity initiative. We welcome US efforts to support the development of the Palestinian economy. Continued as above.

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