Votes: Elections Bill

On 27th April 2022, the House of Lords debated further amendments to the Elections Bill following Commons amendments. A vote was held on one amendment, in which a Bishop took part.

The Bishop of Manchester voted on an amendment moved by Lord Judge to restore certain sections of the bill:

Lord Judge moved Motion A1, as an amendment to Motion A, at end to insert “and do propose Amendments 23L and 23M as additional amendments to the words so restored to the Bill—
23L Clause 14, page 21, line 19, after “to” insert “, but is not bound by,”
23M Clause 15, page 25, line 40, at end insert—
“(1A) When the Speaker’s Committee carries out the function in subsection (1), members who are Ministers of the Crown must recuse themselves.””

The amendment was disagreed. Content: 181 / Not Content 202

The Bishop of Manchester voted content.


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