Bishop of St Albans asks about undocumented migrants

The Bishop of St Albans received the following written answers on 9th January 2023:

The Lord Bishop of St Albans asked His Majesty’s Government, following the Prime Minister’s statement on illegal migration on 13 December, whether they will respond to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ appeal to the UK to uphold its legal obligations.

Lord Murray of Blidworth (Con): I can assure the Honourable Bishop that the statement is under consideration and any response deemed necessary will be made by the Government in due course.


The Lord Bishop of St Albans asked His Majesty’s Government, following the UK–Albania announcement on a joint task force against illegal migration, how many British caseworkers will be sent to Tirana; and how much is the total cost of the policy.

Lord Murray of Blidworth: Following the new approach agreed with the Albanian government on 13th Dec, we are in close discussions with them on the operational details. Under the joint communiqué, the UK will support the relevant Albanian structures to bolster mechanisms used to refer victims for appropriate support and increase the existing Albanian Responsible Authority and National Referral Mechanism capacity to reinforce processes and decision-making in line with the European Convention on Action against Trafficking of Human Beings. We are not currently expecting to send any caseworkers to Tirana; rather support will be offered from the UK and the British Embassy in Tirana. Currently resources are being reprioritised and reallocated to deliver on the commitments made from within existing budgets.


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