Bishop of Derby asks Government about procedures for identifying benefit fraud

On 15th October 2015 the Bishop of Derby, Rt Revd Alastair Redfern, received answers to three written questions on how Jobcentre Plus deals with benefit fraud.

Bishop of DerbyThe Lord Bishop of Derby: To ask Her Majesty’s Government

(i) what policy is in place to enable Jobcentre Plus officers to identify benefit fraud.

(ii) how Jobcentre Plus officers report suspected benefit fraud.

(iii)  whether there is a statutory obligation for Jobcentre Plus officers to report suspected benefit fraud. 

Lord Freud: As Civil Servants, all Jobcentre Plus staff
must adhere to the Civil Service Code which states they
must ‘comply with the law and uphold the administration
of justice’.

Jobcentre staff have access to the DWP Fraud Referral
Portal. This is a source of information and guidance for
staff when fraud is suspected or has been notified by a
member of the public.

A Fraud Referral Form is completed when a member of
DWP discovers abuse of the benefit system whilst
undertaking their official duties or if an allegation is
received from, or about, an employer or organisation.

Where post is received into a Jobcentre referring to an
allegation of potential fraud, this is passed on to the
DWP’s Operational Intelligence Unit to investigate.