Church of England Week in Westminster, 10th -13th October 2016

Welcome to the Church of England’s weekly round-up of activity in Parliament.


This week bishops in the House of Lords asked questions about debt management solutions, unaccompanied children in Calais, supported housing, Syria, Rwanda & Burundi and improving the quality of affordable housing. They also took part in debates on the work of the Sexual Violence in Conflict Committee, future of the BBC, the cultural importance of libraries and selective schools. In the Commons the Second Church Estates Commissioner answered a range of questions at the monthly question time.

Entrance to New Robing Room

The Bishop of Norwich was on duty throughout the week, leading prayers in the Lords Chamber at the start of each sitting day.


Monday 10th October

2ABCEUdebateThe Archbishop of Canterbury asked a question about the harm to consumers caused by unsolicited real-time promotion of high-cost credit and of debt management solutions

The Bishop of Norwich asked a question about the number of lone children in Calais with family links
in the United Kingdom

Derby 191115cThe Bishop of Derby spoke in a debate about the work of the Sexual Violence in Conflict Committee

The Bishop of Durham received written answers to four questions about aid to Rwanda and Burundi


Tuesday 11th October

RochesterThe Bishop of Rochester asked a question about the need to improve the quality and affordability of housing

Three Bishops took part in a vote during consideration of the Government’s Investigatory Powers Bill

The Second Church Estates Commissioner spoke in support of the Government’s Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Bill at its Second Reading in the Commons.

Wednesday 12th October


The Bishop of Norwich took part in a debate about the future of the BBC Charter


Thursday 13th October

St Albans 2The Bishop of St Albans asked a question about the future of supported housing across England

The Bishop of Norwich asked a question recent developments in Syria.

The Bishop of Norwich spoke in a debate on the Government’s proposals for the extension of grammar schools and selection in education.

The Bishop of St Albans spoke in a debate about the cultural, civic and educational significance of libraries, bookshops and booksellers in the United Kingdom.

Spelman CCQs June 2015 1The Second Church Estates Commissioner, Dame Caroline Spelman  answered oral questions from MPs on school admissions, ecumenical relations, community cohesion, refugees, LGBT pastoral care, Scrooby parish, same sex marriage and cathedral repairs.

She also answered two written questions about the WW1 Cathedral Repair Fund and the finances of Peterborough Cathedral