Bishop of Norwich calls on Government to prioritise vulnerable children in Calais

14.06.12 Bishop of NorwichOn 10th October 2016, Baroness Hussein-Ece asked the government “how many lone children in Calais with family links in the United Kingdom have been allowed into the United Kingdom in the past 12 months.” The Bishop of Norwich, the Rt. Revd. Graham Jones, asked a supplementary question.

The Lord Bishop of Norwich: My Lords, given the Prime Minister’s welcome reminder last week of the good that government can do, does the Minister not agree that at the top of the list for doing good should be traumatised children in Calais who are young and unaccompanied, who often have family already in the UK and who are increasingly endangered by criminal gangs as the demolition of the Calais camp draws near?

Baroness Williams of Trafford: I totally agree with the right reverend Prelate; children are at the top of our agenda. It is not just the Prime Minister who thinks that; I think that we all agree that children, especially vulnerable children, are our top priority. That is why we are working together, by putting additional funding into this, speeding up the process and engaging with officials in the French Government on a daily basis.