Week in Westminster 26th – 30th October 2020

Parliament met this week in Westminster and online. Prayers were read at the start of each sitting day in the House of Lords by the Bishops of Bristol and Carlisle.

The Bishop of Bristol responded to the tragic deaths of those seeking refuge in the UK by crossing the English Channel, and asked questions of Government about school holiday hunger and long-term child poverty. She also asked about plans to help migrant women suffering domestic abuse.


The Bishop of Carlisle asked about social care, and about counselling and mediation services for divorcing couples.

The Bishop of London asked Government how it will tackle social and economic inequalities in its response to covid-19.

The Bishop of Durham called for the postponement of Ofsted school inspections during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. He also asked Government about children’s access to computers for home learning use, and Government commitment to the refugee resettlement scheme.

The Bishop of Coventry received answers to written questions on UK response capabilities to overseas atrocities, on refugees from Myanmar, and support for Rohingya communities in Southeast Asia.

The Bishop of St Albans asked questions about the impact of problem gambling, land banking, spending in rural areas, alleged war crimes, and supported an amendment on pensioner poverty to the Government’s Social Security (Up-rating of Benefits) Bill.

The Bishop of Salisbury called for more focus on energy microgeneration, and asked questions on tree planting, and species and habitat destruction.

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