Lords Spiritual No Longer, Part Three: The Bishops of Bradford

On Easter Day, 20th April 2014, the Church of England Dioceses of Bradford, Ripon & Leeds and Wakefield, will be merged to form a new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales. The bishops of those former dioceses will no longer sit in Parliament as Lords Spiritual. Here – in the last of three parts – is a (very) brief history of the Bishops of Bradford as parliamentarians. Parts one (Ripon) & two (Wakefield) can be viewed here & here.

Part Three: The Bishops of Bradford

Since the formation of the Diocese of Bradford in 1920, there have been ten diocesan bishops of Bradford.

Perowne and Blunt

Bishop Alfred Perowne
Bishop Arthur Perowne

Its first bishop was Rt Rev Arthur Perowne, who served until his translation to Worcester in 1931. Bishop Perowne was born into a distinguished ecclesiastical family (his father John James Stewart Perowne, was also a Bishop of Worcester). Bishop Perowne was introduced to the House of Lords in November 1923, and whilst there is no record of him making any speeches in his eight years as a member, after his translation to Worcester he spoke in support of better regulation of clubs serving alcohol. Continue reading “Lords Spiritual No Longer, Part Three: The Bishops of Bradford”

Archbishop Sentamu speaks of opportunities and challenges in Bradford

ABY SpeakingOn 16th January 2014, Baroness Eaton led a debate to ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the opportunities and constraints for the wellbeing of the City of Bradford Metropolitan District. The Archbishop of York spoke during the debate.

The Archbishop of York: My Lords, I, too, give thanks for the speech given by the noble Baroness, Lady Eaton.

Continue reading “Archbishop Sentamu speaks of opportunities and challenges in Bradford”

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