Second Church Estates Commissioner Answers written question on redundant churches

On 24th June 2013 Sir Tony Baldry MP answered a written question from Rehman Chishti on the number of redundant Church of England churches in the country

14.01 CCQ BaldryRehman Chishti: To ask the hon. Member for Banbury, representing the Church Commissioners, how many Church of England churches have been taken out of use for worship in each year since 2007.

Sir Tony Baldry: The Church of England operates some 16,000 churches and places of worship across the country which are in regular use. During the period specified the Church of England has taken the decision to close the following number of churches for regular public worship under the Mission and Pastoral Measure each year since 2007:

2007 32
2008 29
2009 17
2010 17
2011 24
2012 20

These figures include six schemes during the specified period which provided for replacement places of worship.

More information about closed churches can be found on page 16 of the Church Commissioners Annual Report 2012 a copy of which will be placed in the Library.

Via: Parliament UK

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