Second Church Estates Commissioner Answers Written Question on Churches in North Yorkshire

On 26th November 2013 Sir Tony Bladry MP answered a written question from Miss McIntosh concerning churches in North Yorkshire and the commissioners’ plans to visit them14.01 CCQ Baldry

Miss McIntosh: To ask the hon. Member for Banbury, representing the Church Commissioners, what plans the Church Commissioners have to visit churches in North Yorkshire.

Sir Tony Baldry: A number of the different parts of the Church Commissioners have made frequent visits to the North Yorkshire area in the last few years following the last full review in 2007. The Church Commissioners undertake these formal visits to two Diocese a year. There are mechanisms in place to visit a Diocese should this be required on a more frequent basis such as a number of similar issues facing several churches in one diocese.

More informal meetings and visits take place throughout the year as part of the usual cycle of business. Such meetings usual involve among others the staff from the Pastoral and Closed Churches team and the Property and Investments Division, Rural Estates team and Strategic Land team.

This year the following parts of the Church Commissioners have specifically visited the North Yorkshire area:

The Rural Estates team and Strategic Land team have made a number of visits this year to York Diocese and to the wider estate in the North and West Yorkshire area.

The Pastoral Committee have visited St Margaret’s High Bentham which is part of North Yorkshire but falls under the jurisdiction of Bradford Diocese.

In recent years between 2007 and 2013 the Commercial team and Strategic Land team and Rural Estates team have also visited parts of the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds, Diocese of York , focusing on the areas of Hambleton, Selby and Kirklees, Leeds and Northallerton, Skipton and Ripon.

The Church Commissioners will continue to visit and engage with the staff of the Church in the North Yorkshire area however, there are currently no plans in place for another full review of the York Diocese for a number of years.

Via: Parliament UK