Written Answers – Second Church Estates Commissioner

On 15th July 2014, the Second Church Estates Commissioner, the Rt Hon. Sir Tony Baldry MP, answered two written questions on behalf of the Church Commissioners, on pay and procurement.

Tony Baldry MP


Mr Ben Bradshaw: To ask the right hon. Member for Banbury, representing the Church Commissioners, how many officials in the Church Commissioners, of each grade, have remained at that grade since 2010 but received a pay rise; and how much of a rise each such person at each such grade has received.

Sir Tony Baldry: The staff employed by the Church Commissioners and the other national institutions of the Church of England are not part of the civil service and are not on incremental scales. The value of pay awards from 2010 have been as follows:

July 2010-3.5% (18 month deal)

January 2012-2.7%

January 2013-1.75%

January 2014-1%


Sadiq Khan: To ask the right hon. Member for Banbury, representing the Church Commissioners, how much and what proportion of the Commissioners’ budget was spent on activities which were contracted out in (a) 2009-10, (b) 2010-11, (c) 2011-12, (d) 2012-13 and (e) 2013-14; and how much and what proportion of his Department’s budget he expects to be contracted out in 2014-15.

Sir Tony Baldry: The Church Commissioners, as one of the National Church Institutions (NCIs) alongside:

(a) The Archbishops’ Council,

(b) The Church of England Pensions Board,

(c) The Archbishop of Canterbury (in his Corporate Capacity),

(d) The Archbishop of York (in his Corporate Capacity),

(e) Lambeth Palace Library,

(f) The National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education

jointly employ staff carrying out service functions that are often contracted out to external organisations-including Finance, Legal, HR, Communications, Records, IT and Office Services.

The figures shown as follows represent the cost (and associated proportion of the Church Commissioners’ administration budget) of those wholly outsourced/contracted out activities that were not provided by the NCIs themselves.

                                                                                    £million                   Percentage of Total

Actual 2009 1.0 10
Actual 2010 0.5 5
Actual 2011 0.8 7
Actual 2012 1.2 10
Actual 2013 1.0 8
Budget 2014 1.0 7

Note: 1. The Church Commissioners operate with a January-December financial year. 2. The figures do not include Investment Management fees-such costs of investing are treated as a direct deduction from investment income.

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