Bishop of Chester asks question on rules for share ownership

14.03 Bishop of Chester

On the 6th July 2015 Baroness Wheatcroft asked Her Majesty’s Government “whether the effects of algorithmic trading are being monitored and sufficiently regulated”. The Bishop of Chester, the Rt Revd Peter Forster asked a supplementary question.

The Lord Bishop of Chester: My Lords, I am a bear of little brain in relation to algo-whatever-it-is trading, and I speak as a fool. However, would this not all be solved if there was a rule that if you bought shares, you had to keep them for more than a few nanoseconds—maybe a few minutes?

Lord Bridges of Headley: The right reverend Prelate makes an interesting point. I refer him to the excellent Foresight report, which says that, “liquidity, as measured by bid-ask spreads”— I will test him on that later— “and other metrics, has improved”.

(Via Parliament.UK)

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