Bishop of St Albans asks Government about the impact access to health services have on children in rural areas

Bishop of St AlbansOn the 10th September 2015 Baroness Tyler of Enfield asked the Government what plans they have to tackle the variations in health outcomes across the country for children aged under five. The Bishop of St Albans asked a supplementary question about the impact access to health services have on children in rural areas

The Lord Bishop of St Albans: My Lords, one of the most significant aspects of child health is to do with access to health services, which is a particular problem in rural areas. The phenomenon of distance decay, the further away you are from where the service is provided, is well documented. Will the Minister tell us what Her Majesty’s Government are doing to increase access to health services for those 900,000 rural households living in income poverty?

Lord Prior of Brampton: My Lords, access to health services is not just a rural issue; it relates also to deprivation, be it urban or rural. I would point out to the House the increase in the number of health visitors, which has gone up from 8,000 to nearly 12,000 over the past five years, and also to the Family Nurse Partnership scheme, which now has 16,000 places on it for younger and teenage mothers. So the Government are doing a lot to improve access. I guess they could always do more.

(Via Parliament.UK)