Gravestones and monuments – written answer

On 16th September 2015 Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP, the Second Church Estates Commissioner, answered a written question from Mark Hendrick MP about regulations relating to graveyards in Blackburn Diocese.

Spelman CCQs June 2015 1Mr Mark Hendrick: [9765] To ask the right hon. Member for Meriden, representing the Church Commissioners, which Church of England dioceses have published regulations on monuments on burial plots and inscriptions on gravestones; which dioceses (a) allow and (b) do not allow nicknames on gravestones; which dioceses allow monuments; which dioceses (i) allow and (ii) do not allow pictorial etchings on gravestones; and which dioceses (A) allow and (B) do not allow freestanding containers on burial plots.

Mrs Caroline Spelman: The information requested is not held centrally, while there is central guidance available, each Diocese and Parish applies the regulations to their local circumstances. Without more specific information about which parish is being referred to in the question further comment is not possible.

Our advice would be to contact the Diocesan Registrar for Blackburn will know how these regulations are applied locally. The Registrar can be contacted at the Diocesan Office: Church House, Cathedral Close, Blackburn, BB1 5AA

You may also wish to refer to page 4 of the Diocesan guide to the churchyard regulations available at the following link. This document gives the general advice for the Diocese of Blackburn.

Click to access Churchyard%20Regulations%202014.pdf

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