Church of England Week in Westminster 16th-20th November 2015

Welcome to the Church of England’s weekly round-up of activity in Parliament.

cropped-cropped-palace_of_westminster_london_-_feb_2007.jpgThis week bishops in the House of Lords spoke about the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Government’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill and on the role of trade unions in combating modern slavery. Questions were asked about restorative justice and the security of Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Monday 16th November

StAlbans171115The Bishop of St Albans received answers to questions about the security of those living in Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Tuesday 17th November

Birmingham 171115The Bishop of Birmingham spoke about the need for focus on integration in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Bishops of St Albans and Durham both spoke in the Second Bp Durham June 2015 bReading debate of the Government’s Welfare Reform and Work BIll raising, respectively, the impact of proposals on vulnerable adults and children.

Wednesday 18th November

WorcesterThe Bishop of Worcester asked a question about restorative justice.

Thursday 19th November

Derby 191115cThe Bishop of Derby spoke in a debate on the role of trade unions, highlighting work to combat modern slavery.

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