Help for Syrian refugees – Church Commissioners’ written answer

On the 3rd December 2015 the Second Church Estates Commissioner answered a written question from Mark Hendrick MP, about assistance for Syrian refugees from churches in Blackburn.


Mr Mark Hendrick (Preston): To ask the right hon. Member for Meriden, representing the Church Commissioners, what steps each Anglican church in the Diocese of Blackburn is taking to assist Syrian refugees.

Caroline SpelmanMrs Caroline Spelman: The Diocese of Blackburn is working alongside other dioceses of the Church of England and local faith communities to coordinate their response to assist Syrian refugees. Churches in the diocese have been advised of the type of assistance that can most usefully be offered, working in conjunction with local authorities and other faith communities.

The three bishops of the Diocese of Blackburn were amongst the signatories to the letter from Church of England bishops to the Prime Minister, which welcomed the commitment of the Government to provide aid and resettlement, while calling on it to resettle substantially more than 20,000, and made clear the Church’s commitment to help in that task.


(Via Parliament.UK)

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