Church of England Week in Westminster, 18th – 22nd January 2016

Welcome to the Church of England’s weekly round-up of activity in Parliament.


This week bishops in the House of Lords have asked questions about the importance of religious literacy in Government, Basic Farm Payments and forced underage marriage. They have spoken during debates on education in prisons and on the Government’s Immigration Bill.  In the House of Commons the Second Church Estates Commissioner spoke in a debate about the regulation of out of school settings and answered a written question on property development in Peterborough.


Monday 18th January

14.06.10 Bishop of Durham 5

The Bishop of Durham asked the Government a question during discussion of Lord Harries’s CORAB report regarding the importance of religious literacy


The Bishop of St Albans received an answer to two written questions about forced underage marriage

Tuesday 19th January

14.02 Peterborough

The Bishop of Peterborough asked a question on the operation of the Basic Farm Payments Scheme.

Derby 191115c

He and the Bishop of Derby both spoke in a debate on the need to improve educational opportunities in prisons.

The Second Church Estates Commissioner answered a written question about the Church Commissioners’ property developments in Peterborough.

Wednesday 20th January

BishSouthwarktaxcreditsThe Bishop of Southwark spoke in support of an amendment to the Immigration Bill, which sought to give Asylum seekers the write to work after 6-9 months if they remained on the list waiting to be processed by the department.

Caroline Spelman

The Second Church Estates Commissioner spoke in a Commons debate on  the Governments proposals for regulating education in out of school settings.