Church of England Week in Westminster 14th-18th March 2016

Welcome to the Church of England’s weekly round-up of activity in Parliament.


This week bishops in the House of Lords sponsored, spoke to and voted on amendments to the Government’s Housing and Planning Bill, Immigration Bill and Trade Union Bill. Bishops also spoke in debates on renewable energy, maternal care and Israel/Palestine. They asked questions on fixed odds betting terminals, reception of unaccompanied migrant children, the effects of UK withdrawal from the EU, credit unions and preventing child abuse. In the House of Commons the Second Church Estates Commissioner answered questions on mission in deprived areas, helping ex-offenders into work, sustainable energy, women’s leadership in the church and the contribution of cathedrals to cultural and economic life.

Monday 14th March

Bp Durham June 2015 bThe Bishop of Leeds received written answers to questions about the implications for UK citizens overseas if the UK should decide to leave the EU.

The Bishop of Durham asked a question about tackling child sexual abuse.

Tuesday 15th March

14.06.12 Bishop of NorwichThe Bishop of St Albans asked a question on the social impact of fixed odds betting terminals.

The Bishop of Norwich moved an amendment to the Immigration Bill about best interests assessments for children, and supported another on asylum support.

Wednesday 16th March

Bp Salisbury 2The Bishop of Durham asked a question on unaccompanied refugee children.

The Bishop of Salisbury spoke in a debate on the Government’s draft Renewables Obligation Closure Etc. (Amendment) Order 2016 and voted on a subsequent motion to regret.

The Bishop of Chester voted in a Division on the Trade Union Bill.

Thursday 17th March

Spelman CCQs June 2015 1The Second Church Estates Commissioner answered questions in the House of Commons from MPs on a variety of topics.

WorcesterThe Bishop of St Albans asked a question about credit unions and schools. He also proposed an amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill on the needs of Gypsies and Travellers.

The Bishop of Worcester spoke in a debate on maternal care for children and in another debate on Israel / Palestine.