Church Commissioners’ answers: Security

Caroline SpelmanOn the 20th February 2017 the Second Church Estates Commissioner, Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP, answered a written question from Labour MP Jon Trickett about the issuing of security passes to non-staff members.

Jon Trickett: To ask the right hon. Member for Meriden, representing the Church Commissioners, pursuant to the Answer of 3 February 2017 to Question 62530, what the number of security passes issued by the Church Commissioners to people not employed by the Church Commissioners is; what business needs suffice for such a security pass to be granted; and what the number of passes issued to people who work for private companies which have currently or previously been awarded government contracts or which are bidding for such contracts is.

Dame Caroline Spelman: The number of non-staff security passes issued by the National Church Institutions, of which the Church Commissioners are a member, fall into the following categories:

1. Senior members and staff of the General Synod (Church of England’s Governing Parliament) in the following categories:

  • ’53 Diocesan bishops and elected suffragan bishops’ who make up the House of Bishops. These bishops are members of the General Synod and are issued passes as senior leaders of the Church of England and Chairs of National Church Boards and Councils
  • ‘Synod members’ who are Chairs of committees or members of the Archbishops’ Council as the executive body of the General Synod
  • ‘Non-staff with specific access’ make up a very small number of people such as the Chaplain to the General Synod.

2. 424 other non NCI staff have a specific business case which requires a security pass, these fall into the following categories:

  • Hospitality Staff
  • Staff of the Corporation of Church House who manage the building
  • Tenants of the building on whose behalf the Church Commissioners are unable to answer
  • Contractors / maintenance staff
  • A small number of external staff who have been given specific oversight roles such as consultants engaged for specific independent pieces of work