Introduction of Bishop of Lincoln, Rt Revd Christopher Lowson

On 14th September 2017 the Bishop of Lincoln, Rt Revd Christopher Lowson, was introduced to the House of Lords and took his seat. The Bishops of Gloucester and Newcastle acted as his supporters. Here is a description of the ceremony of introduction:

The Bishop of Lincoln, in his episcopal robes (white rochet with black wrist bands, black chimere and scarf) and carrying his writ of summons, enters the Chamber, preceded and followed by two supporting bishops, the Bishop of Newcastle (the junior supporter) in front and the Bishop of Gloucester (the senior supporter) behind, both likewise in their robes.

At the Bar of the House the three bishops bow in turn to the Cloth of Estate. They then enter the House on the temporal side (where the Opposition is seated), and proceed towards the Table.

The Bishop of Lincoln hands his writ to the Reading Clerk.



The Reading Clerk reads the writ…



and administers the oath of allegiance to the Bishop of Lincoln…



…who then signs the Test Roll upon the Table. The Bishop then signs an undertaking to abide by the House of Lords Code of Conduct.

The Bishop and his supporters then process in front of the Cross Benches and turn to face the Woolsack: the Bishop of Gloucester on the spiritual (Government) side, the Bishop of Lincoln in the centre and the Bishop of Newcastle on the temporal side. Together, they bow to the Cloth of Estate.

The three Bishops then move up the spiritual side of the House towards the Woolsack. On reaching the Woolsack, the Bishop of Lincoln shakes hands with the Lord Speaker, followed by the Leader of the House.

The three Bishops then immediately take their seats on the second Bishops’ Bench with the other Lords Spiritual.



(taken from the description of the ceremony for introduction of a new Lord Spiritual, in the the House of Lords Companion to Standing Orders, 2017 edition).

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