Bishop of St Albans asks government about Forestry Commission land

On 4th June 2018 the Bishop of St Albans, the Rt Revd Alan Smith, received a written answer to a question about the Forestry Commission:

The Bishop of St Albans: To ask Her Majesty’s Government how many hectares of land were leased out by the Forestry Commission in (1) 2000, (2) 2005, (3) 2010, (4) 2015, and (5) 2018.

Lord Gardiner of Kimble: The Forestry Commission did not introduce a system for centrally recording the area of land leased to third parties until 2018 so the figures for earlier years could only be provided at disproportionate cost.

In 2018, 28,065 hectares of land were leased by the Forestry Commission; approximately 11% of the Public Forest Estate.

Forestry Commission records of land use would suggest that the nature of the estate has remained fairly constant and as such the proportion leased is unlikely to have change significantly in the last 10 years.


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