Bishop of St Albans asks Government to time limit in law its announced cut in development aid

On 2nd December 2020 in the House of Lords the Bishop of St Albans responded to a Ministerial statement about the cut in overseas aid:

The Lord Bishop of St Albans [V]: My Lords, I ask the Minister to answer the question from the noble Lord, Lord Collins: will Her Majesty’s Government include a sunset clause in any legislation amending the International Development Act?

Secondly, do the Government intend to produce and publish any impact assessment of the reduction in spending on official development assistance?

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Con):  My Lords, I cannot go into the details of the legislative proposals that will be coming forward; as I said, I am not party to them yet, but they are being looked at. He asked some specific questions about sunset clauses, as did the noble Lord, Lord Collins, which I have noted, but beyond what I have said about the status of the legislation there is little more that I can add at this juncture.
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