Bishop of St Albans asks about accommodation for Ukrainians in the UK

The Bishop of St Albans received the following written answer on 27th April 2022:

The Lord Bishop of St Albans asked Her Majesty’s Government what plans they have to provide short-term accommodation for non-vulnerable Ukrainian adults who have been granted leave to remain but have no access to public funds.

Baroness Williams of Trafford (Con): The Government has ensured those fleeing Ukraine can find safety in the UK through the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine. People applying under either of the schemes will have full and unrestricted access to benefits, healthcare, employment, and other support for up to three years.

The government has also announced a Ukraine Extension Scheme, under which Ukrainians already in the UK, along with their family members, can apply for three years’ leave as well as full access to employment and public services.

This will ensure they have the same rights and entitlements as those coming here through either the Ukraine Family Scheme or Homes for Ukraine route, including recourse to public funds.


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