Bishop of St Albans asks about overseas aid funding

The Bishop of St Albans received the following written answer on 23rd June 2022:

The Lord Bishop of St Albans asked Her Majesty’s Government, further to the Written Answers by Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park on 31 May (HL450 and HL451), whether the £72 million in financial aid to (1) Ethiopia, (2) Kenya, (3) Somalia, and (4) South Sudan, to combat drought, flooding and conflict was additional to the £169 million in aid allocated to those countries in 2021–22.

Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park (Con): The £72 million of assistance encompassed allocations to Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and South Sudan. Some of this was for new programming not covered in the £169 million allocation, for example the £25 million announced for Somalia by the Minister for Africa in April.


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