Bishop of Leeds asks about UK assistance for Ukraine

The Bishop of Leeds received the following written answers on 7th November 2022:

The Lord Bishop of Leeds asked His Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made (1) of Russia’s destruction of Ukraine’s power infrastructure, and (2) of the prospects of further large-scale refugee flows from Ukraine.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Con): The UK condemns Russia’s intentional bombing of Ukraine’s civilian energy infrastructure, which is causing widespread destruction.

Russia’s new wave of bombardments has deliberately targeted critical national infrastructure, leaving as much as thirty per cent of Ukraine’s power stations damaged or destroyed. These Russian attacks are also killing innocent Ukrainian civilians, disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups, and could constitute a breach of international humanitarian law. They are further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis Putin’s war has created, with over six million people displaced within Ukraine and over seven million Ukrainians registered as refugees in Europe.


The Lord Bishop of Leeds asked His Majesty’s Government what (1) financial, and (2) technical, assistance they are providing the government of Ukraine to repair (a) power plants, and (b) infrastructure, destroyed by Russia’s aerial assault.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: The UK is a leading donor in support of Ukraine, with support totalling approximately £3.8 billion. To date, that assistance includes £22 million of support in the energy sector: £7 million for over 850 generators to ensure vital facilities, such as hospitals, have power; £10 million to the Energy Community’s support fund to help Ukraine’s efforts to repair infrastructure and reconnect households and key facilities to electricity and gas supply; and £5 million for safety and security equipment for the civil nuclear sector.


The Lord Bishop of Leeds asked His Majesty’s Government what military assistance they are providing to the government of Ukraine to protect Ukraine’s (1) power plants, and (2) infrastructure, from Russian attack.

Baroness Goldie (Con): The UK remains committed to providing military assistance to Ukraine to defend its sovereignty from Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion.

So far, we have provided a variety of air defence systems, including Stormer vehicles fitted with Starstreak launchers, and hundreds of missiles for air defence systems. These missiles are helping to protect Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure, including its power plants.

As the Defence Secretary announced on 13 October, the UK will donate AMRAAM to Ukraine, and hundreds of other air defence missiles, to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian missile strikes.


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