Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham asks about government support for environmental partnerships and land restoration

The Lord Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham received the following written answer on 8th November 2022:

The Lord Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham asked His Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the partnership between the conservation interests of the RSPB and the business Tarmac in the restoration of reedbeds at Langford Lowfields on the banks of the River Trent; and what steps they are taking to help landowners restore land in similar, environmentally-beneficial ways.

Lord Benyon (Con): HM Government are supportive of environmental partnerships across the public, private and third sectors. With regards to the Langford Lowfields site in particular, Defra group have contributed more directly through Natural England funding. Appetite for new partnerships has been encouraged through regulations driving demand for the ecosystem services that landowners can provide (biodiversity net gain, nutrient neutrality). Partnerships, involving landowners, can receive public funding (such as Environment Land Management schemes and Nature For Climate Funds).

Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRSs) will also promote partnership working and collaboration. HM Government is currently working to put in place the national policy framework so that preparation of LNRSs can commence across England.


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