Bishop of Exeter asks about poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran

The Bishop of Exeter asked about the potential of a fact finding mission to investigate the possible poisoning of Iranian schoolgirls on 9th March 2023, during a debate on reports that toxic chemical agents had been used against the schoolgirls by Iranian authorities:

The Lord Bishop of Exeter: My Lords, the production and utilisation of chemical warfare in civil and international conflicts is explicitly prohibited under the Chemical Weapons Convention, to which Iran is a signatory and a participating member. Will His Majesty’s Government commit to using this existing framework to advocate for the creation of a fact-finding mission by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons?

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Con): The right reverend Prelate raises a very important point: the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the enrichment of uranium towards having them is very much at the heart of our approach. He may know that, yesterday, the E3 made a statement directly on the visit of the IAEA’s DG, Mr Grossi, who was in Iran. What is really worrying at the moment is that the levels of enrichment which now prevail in Iran have, according to the latest reports in the region, reached about 83.7%. This is fast approaching the very level which would allow for nuclear weapons to be produced. We call again on Iran publicly, as we did yesterday, to desist from this practice because not doing so is creating a precarious situation—not just in the region but globally.


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