Bishop of Leeds asks about role of Fujitsu company in UK Emergency Alert Procedures:

The Bishop of Leeds asked a question on the nature of the Japanese company Fujitsu’s role in the UK’s emergency alert procedures on 19th April 2023, during a debate on the suitability of the company’s involvement with these procedures following previous incidences of IT errors and defects in its systems:

The Lord Bishop of Leeds: My Lords, I understand the point about following procurement procedures, but can we try a different tack? What would Fujitsu have to do to make it excludable from these procedures?

Baroness Neville-Rolfe (Con): All of this arises from the horrendous case of the Post Office, which I have studied over many years and feel equally strongly about. That process is continuing; Fujitsu is continuing to answer questions. As to putting companies on excluded lists, I have tried to explain what the arrangements are under regulations and that changes are coming forward in the Procurement Bill. Where companies co-operate and a finding has not been found against them, it is important that we treat them fairly. This is a country that believes in that.


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