Bishop of Leeds asks about government plans to welcome refugees from Sudan

The Bishop of Leeds received the following written answer on 16th May 2023:

The Lord Bishop of Leeds asked His Majesty’s Government what plans they are making to welcome those Sudanese refugees fleeing violence who want to come to the UK.

Lord Murray of Blidworth (Con, Home Office): There are no plans to create a country specific scheme for refugees fleeing Sudan.

The UK continues to welcome refugees through existing resettlement schemes which are global in scope, including the UK Resettlement Scheme (UKRS), Community Sponsorship, the Mandate Resettlement Scheme and the Family Reunion Scheme.

Under these schemes, the UNHCR will refer refugees for resettlement after undertaking an assessment of people’s needs and vulnerabilities. The UK does not seek to influence which cases are referred by the UNHCR under these schemes.

The UK has provided sanctuary to almost 500,000 individuals since 2015. However, our resources are futile and we cannot provide resettlement to everyone.


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