Votes – Children and Families Bill

On 9th and 17th December 2013, a number of bishops took part in votes to amend the Government’s Children and Families Bill, during the bill’s Report Stage. 

House of Lords Division Lobby
House of Lords Division Lobby

On 9th December, Crossbench Peer Baroness Butler-Sloss moved Amendment 2, which sought to broaden the criteria that adoption agencies must have regard for in making decisions on where to place children.

The Bishop of Truro voted ‘content’. No bishop voted ‘not content’.

There were Contents: 216 / Not Contents: 233. Result: Government Win.


Conservative Peer Lord McColl of Dulwich moved amendment 13, which sought to create child trafficking guardians for children who may have been victims of human trafficking.

The Bishops of Birmingham and Truro voted ‘content’. No bishop voted ‘not content’.

There were Contents: 130 / Not Contents: 145. Result: Government Win



On 17th December, Baroness Butler-Sloss moved amendment 14, which sought to clarify the Bill’s impact on the welfare of children in cases of parental separation.

The Bishops of Derby, Norwich and St Albans voted ‘content’. No bishop voted ‘not content.’

There were Contents: 225 / Not Contents: 221. Result: Government Defeat


Crossbench Peer Lord Low of Dalston moved amendment 16A, which sought to improve access to mainstream schools and staff for children with disabilities and improve the capacity of mainstream schools and staff to meet the needs of disabled children.

The Bishops of Derby and Norwich voted ‘content’. No bishop voted ‘not content’.

There were Contents: 205 / Not Contents: 222. Result: Government Win


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