Bishop of Norwich presses Government on lack of affordable new homes in rural areas

On 12th June 2014 Lord Dubs asked Her Majesty’s Government ‘what action they are taking to increase the supply of affordable housing.’ The Bishop of Norwich, Rt Rev Graham James, asked a supplementary question:14.06.12 Bishop of Norwich

The Lord Bishop of Norwich: My Lords, eight years ago the Affordable Rural Housing Commission estimated that we needed at least 11,000 affordable new homes every year in rural areas. We have scarcely ever managed more than a third of that number, and the proportion is falling. That means that those who need such homes in rural areas move to urban areas, adding to the numbers of the urban homeless and further obscuring the rural problem. What remedy does the Minister have for this state of affairs?

Baroness Stowell of Beeston: In terms of the delivery of affordable homes, we feel—certainly from the statistics that I have seen this morning—that they are being built in the areas where they are most needed. I will come back to the right reverend Prelate about rural housing because I do not have any specific data on that for him at the moment. But the fact remains that affordable housebuilding is increasing.
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