Votes: EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

On 1st March 2017 the House of Lords considered the Government’s EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill at committee. A vote was called on an amendment from Labour Peer Baronss Hayter. Five Lords Spiritual took part.

House of Lords Division Lobby
House of Lords Division Lobby

Moved by Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town

9B: Clause 1, page 1, line 3, at end insert—

“( ) Within three months of exercising the power under section 1(1), Ministers of the Crown must bring forward proposals to ensure that citizens of another European Union or European Economic Area country and their family members, who are legally resident in the United Kingdom on the day on which this Act is passed, continue to be treated in the same way with regards to their EU derived-rights and, in the case of residency, their potential to acquire such rights in the future.”

Contents: 358 | Not Contents: 256 | Result: Government Defeat

The Bishops of Leeds and Newcastle voted content. The Archbishop of York and the Bishops of London and St Albans voted not content.



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