Bishop of Leeds asks Government about timing of talks on air travel post-Brexit

On 20th November 2017 Baroness Doocey asked Her Majesty’s Government “what assessment they have made of the impact that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union Open Skies Agreement would have on the United Kingdom’s tourism industry.” The Minister was unable to give a clear commitment to deal with aviation separately and in advance of the main negotiations with the EU on Brexit, so the Bishop of Leeds, Rt Revd Nick Baines, asked a follow up question:

The Lord Bishop of Leeds: My Lords, if it is not possible to give that commitment now, is it possible to give an idea of a timeline as to when that commitment can be made, when the aim might become a reality?

Baroness Sugg: As I said previously, we are ready to move on with these negotiations and hope to do so shortly.


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