Week in Westminster, 4th-8th December 2017

This week in the House of Lords the Archbishop of Canterbury led a debate on education, in which three other bishops spoke about schools, early years, further education and skills. Bishops also spoke in debates on the Autumn Budget Statement and in response to Government statements on Zimbabwe, the Social Mobility Commission, and terrorism. They asked questions about social housing in rural areas, and rough sleeping. In the House of Commons the Second Church Estates Commissioner answered questions from MPs on her bill to enable mother’s to have equal status on marriage certificates, and on religious minorities in Egypt. 

The Bishops of Salisbury, Chelmsford, Portsmouth, Worcester and Derby were on duty in the Lords throughout the week, reading prayers at the start of each sitting day.

Monday 4th December

The Bishop of Portsmouth spoke in a debate on the Autumn 2017 Budget Statement.

The Bishop of Salisbury asked a question about the  Social Mobility Commission.


Tuesday 5th December

The Bishop of Winchester asked a question about social housing in rural areas.

The Bishop of Peterborough asked a question after a statement on Donald Anderson’s report on recent terror attacks.


Thursday 7th December

The Second Church Estates Commissioner answered questions from MPs, on marriage registration and religious minorities in Egypt. She also answered a written question about transphobic bullying in schools.

The Bishop of Southwark asked a question following a Government statement on Zimbabwe.


The Bishop of Coventry received four written answers to questions on religious freedom and human rights in China.

Friday 8th December

The Archbishop of Canterbury led a debate on education. The Bishops of Ely, Gloucester and Oxford also spoke in the debate.