Week in Westminster 10th-14th December 2018

This week in Parliament the Archbishop of Canterbury led a House of Lords debate on reconciliation. The Lords Spiritual also spoke on the Government’s EU Withdrawal Agreement, Operation Conifer, and online pornography. They asked questions on trainee nurses, Universal Credit, and international human rights. In the House of Commons the Second Church Estates Commissioner answered questions about Christ Church college, Oxford, and Christians Against Poverty.

The Bishops of St Albans and Coventry were on duty in the Lords, reading prayers at the start of each sitting day.

Monday 10th December

The Bishops of Leeds and Chester spoke in response to a repeat of the Prime Minister’s statement on the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Seven bishops took part in a vote on whether to adjourn the debate on the Government’s EU Withdrawal Agreement.

The Bishop of St Albans asked a question about human rights and religious freedom.


The Second Church Estates Commissioner answered two written questions about the Dean of Christ Church college Oxford.

Tuesday 11th December

The Bishop of Chester spoke in a debate on new regulations on online pornography.


The Bishop of Salisbury spoke in support of a call to review Operation Conifer.


Wednesday 12th December

The Archbishop of York asked Government about the need for reconciliation and civility in debates on Brexit.


The Bishop of Newcastle received a written answer to a question on hardship and the impact on debt & health in Universal Credit pilot areas

Thursday 13th December

The Bishop of London asked a question about the fall in trainee nursing numbers.

The Second Church Estates Commissioner answered a written question about Christians Against Poverty.

Friday 14th December

The Archbishop of Canterbury led a debate on reconciliation in foreign, defence and international development policy.


The Bishop of Coventry also spoke in the debate.

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