Bishop of Durham asks about welfare of children of those with restricted immigration status

19.04.24 Durham 2On 7th August 2019 the Bishop of Durham, Rt Revd Paul Butler, received a written answer from Government regarding the children of restricted immigrants:

The Lord Bishop of Durham: HL17455 To ask Her Majesty’s Government, further to the answer by Baroness Williams of Trafford on 23 July (HL Deb, cols 668–70), how many children have been affected by having no recourse to public funds in each of the 54 local authorities; and what estimate they have made of the total number of children so affected.

Baroness Williams of Trafford: There are no official figures for the number of cases subject to no recourse to public funds restrictions. Families including children may be subject to such restrictions as a consequence of their immigration status where they have been granted temporary leave to remain, or where they require leave but do not have it. The expectation is that the majority of people granted time-limited leave under the Immigration Rules, including those entering as visitors, workers, students and those on the path to settlement, will support themselves without placing pressures on taxpayers.

Families granted time-limited leave in the family and private life route can request the Home Office to lift conditions restricting access to public funds to avoid destitution. The Home Office provides support to asylum seekers and works closely with local authorities operating duties to support those with community care needs, including families with children.

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