Week in Westminster, 7th-11th December 2020

Parliament met in Westminster and online this week. The Bishop of Newcastle was on duty in the House of Lords and read prayers at the start of each sitting day.

She asked a question on the effect of international aid cuts on vaccines for malaria, and took part in votes.

The Bishop of Worcester asked about a national child poverty strategy.

The Bishops of Coventry, Southwark and Leeds received written answers to questions about use of cluster munitions, protection of refugees, and religious and cultural sites in Nagorno Karabakh.

The Bishop of Oxford asked Government about age ratings for content on streaming platforms.

The Bishop of St Albans sponsored amendments on parliamentary oversight, and human rights, to the Government’s Trade Bill. He and other bishop voted in support of amendments to the Bill.

The Bishop also asked Government about gambling related harms, and their Agriculture Transition Plan. He received written answers to questions on armed conflict and food shortages in Ethiopia, and whether UK purchased PPE had been made using Chinese forced labour in China.

The Bishop of Peterborough asked Government to make retrospective pension entitlements of some remarried war widows.

The Bishop of Salisbury received a written answer on a potential environmental governance gap after the end of the Brexit transition period.

Bishops took part in votes on the UK Internal Market Bill and a report into the conduct and suspension of a Member.

The Second Church Estates Commissioner answered a written question on landholdings.

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