Bishop of Coventry asks about cooperation with European partners when responding to humanitarian issues

The Bishop of Coventry asked a question on European cooperation in the event of humanitarian crises caused by conflict, climate change, and other issues on 21st February 2023, during a debate on foreign policy and defence cooperation:

The Lord Bishop of Coventry: My Lords, given the Minister for Europe’s comments yesterday that the conflict in Ukraine could lead to 5 million refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries, what forms of co-operation are Her Majesty’s Government preparing with European partners in response to this looming humanitarian crisis and other catastrophes on the world stage, caused through conflict, climate change or whatever?

Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park (Con): My Lords, the Foreign Office is supporting the Home Office in its diplomatic engagement with European partners and is looking to strengthen co-operation, including a possible new EU-UK migration agreement, and on the immediate concerns relating to Ukraine.


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