Bishop of Durham asks about conditions of vaccine donation

The Bishop of Durham received the following written answer on 21st February 2022:

The Lord Bishop of Durham asked Her Majesty’s Government whether UK donations of COVID-19 vaccinations to other countries ever have conditions attached to the donation; and if so, what conditions have been placed on donations.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Con): The UK has consistently stressed that we are all facing the same pandemic and the threat of further waves and variants of the virus makes cooperation between all our partners and the UK ever more vital and important. For this reason, we do not ask recipients to take any steps beyond the reasonable and responsible use of the vaccines. We have donated over 30 million doses, benefiting over 30 different countries, with a further 25 million doses committed to COVAX when available. The main objective of any donation is to promote the economic development and welfare of the recipient country, though we will also seek to strengthen key relationships, in line with the Integrated Review.


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